Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bavarian veal sausage

Greetings from Bavaria!

We had a lot of fun by cooking,
because we all like our bavarian veal sausage!

Here is our our film -
at :


  1. DO you eat this dish as lunch or dinner meal?
    My students found it very different from our meals.
    Thanks a lot.

    Escola Secundária da Batalha - Portugal

  2. We normally eat it as lunch. Also in my family it is the lunch for the most saturdays. There are also a lot of persons in Bavaria they eat them as a snack at 10°° or 11°°.
    You are allowed to eat as much bavarian meal sausages as you like.
    For my family I normally buy 8 pieces. 2 for me, 3 each case for my husband and my sun. Sometimes I mix them with other sausages. Also, in summer, I prepare a salad together with the sausage - but, that s not traditional.
    I can understand your students very well. I' m born in an other part of Germany and when I ate them first time, I was wondering also. But by the time I accompanied to it and meanwhile I like them. And, believe me, if you eat enough, there will be no hunger afterwards.
    Greetings to your students
    Iris Weitzel-G.