Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Favourite School Dinners ?

Come on .......... this is your opportunity to comment on your favourite school /college dinners.

Remember to also add your first name and the School and Country you are from.


  1. I don't have school dinners. I bring packed lunch. My favourite packed lunch is Chicken Tikka sandwiches.

    Jack Gray - St Lukes School - England

  2. hi my name is Nodwrath. I have packed lunch all week and in it is bread and butter and a yoghurt.

    Nodwrath- St.Lukes School - England

  3. Hi my name is Henri P.My favourite school food is ovenbagedpasta.

  4. Hi my name is Jan i am from Finland my favourite food is lasagne we have everyday different food at school school food is free.

  5. Hi Henry
    I oven baked pasta sounds delicious. What school and country are you from ?

    Mr Warwick - (teacher at St Lukes School England)

  6. Hi mi name is Alvaro, my favourite school lunch is spaguetti bolognesa. They are yummy
    CEIP Asuncion Rincon , Madrid

  7. Nigel Camilleri13 March 2009 at 20:26

    Hi my name is Nigel, my school lunch consists of bread rolls with butter, yoghurt and water.
    St Thomas More College, Fgura, Malta

  8. Hello my name is Thomas Spiteri, my school lunch consists of bread with butter and salami, actimel and water.
    St.Thomas More College, Fgura,Malta

  9. HI! my name is SAMI .My favorite food for my lunchbreak is CRACKERS WITH VEGIMITE & BUTTER plus an almond drink..........
    And it's YUMMY YUMMY :}

    StThomas MoreCollege,Fgura, Malta

  10. my name Liverpool kid. My favourite packed lunch is chocolate and chilly crisps and ham and cheese sandwiches.

    from liverpool Kid - St.Lukes - England

  11. I have packed lunch. My favourite is cheese and onion crisps with a Ham and butter sandwich. I like grapes to finish and some fizzy water.

    Roxanne - St Lukes School - England

  12. I dont really eat school dinners but I have a packed lunch with ham sandwhiches , crisps and an apple

    Matthew - Stlukes School England

  13. My packed Lunch is 4 chichen sandwiches with
    a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps. I also have a drink of orange juice.

    James St Lukes School - England

  14. Hi my name is Rhonwen. I had a school dinner it was yummy and my favourite is cheese and tomatoe pizza.


  15. I eat packed lunch at school and my favourite packed lunch is cheese and chilly sauce sandwiches and chilly and chocolate crisps and fish and chips crisps followed by some fruit.

    liverpool boy St lukes School england

  16. I am Jake and favorite food is raps, vegetables, salad, giinger tea cakes and apple juice

    (St Luke's school England)

  17. My packed Lunch is hot dog sandwiches and a blackcurrent drink.

    Roland - St Luke's School - England

  18. my favourite is meatballs

    pääskytie school porvoo finland

  19. My favorite food is Lasagne .
    Tai pääskystie Porvoo Finland.

  20. my favorite food is spenach pancakes

    Teemu Pääskytie school Porvoo Finland

  21. my favorite is lasagne

    Marika porvoo Finland

  22. hello, I only like the pudding in my school,
    it tastes delicious!!
    my name is Irene from Asunción Rincón School, Madrid.

  23. Isabelle, Boudonville, Nancy, France.

    17 pupils are eating at school (/23); you know we have 2 hours for lunchtime !
    Today, I asked them what are their favourite meals: and the winners are french fries, pastas, and yoghurts. Of course, others like rice, salads, crudités, fruits, nuggets etc.
    We don't have any packlunch. Meals are prepared by the county hall.

    I don't eat with my pupils but with my collegues in the staff room. And I have my packlunch : I bring something cold from home and use...the microwave !
    A cool atmosphere, lovely!

  24. Hello my name is Matthew I like fish and chips meat balls pizza lasagne and roast dinners.

    Matthew - St. Lukes School - England

  25. hello my name is Josh my favourite food is chilli con carni
    and my favourite pudding is apple pie.

    Josh - St Luke's School - England

  26. Hello my name is Alvin. My favourite foods are pasta,sausages,chicken burger,lasagna.
    My favourite pudding I like eating flapjacks.

    Alvin - St Luke's School - England

  27. my name is Conor. my favourite food is pizza
    and hotdog and french fries. ST.luke's
    school England.

  28. My favourite school dinner is chips and pizza and I also like custard and sponge.
    How many girls and boys do you have in your school?
    St Luke's school

  29. Ido not school dinners I have packluch my fav tuner and sweetcorn.how many boys do you have in your school.lee st lukes school england

  30. hi my name is sadie
    ihave lots of friends im 13 years old
    i like french fries and fish fingers.

  31. hello my name is THIYAGAN my faviorite foods are sparhetti, pasta , pork sausages, lasane,burger, chicken, fish, chips,

    Thiyagan - St Lukes school

  32. I get lots of eggs but I save them for later and I play my PS2 games all the time and I'm a expot at games. Kingdom hearts is my favourite one.
    Nicole St Lukes School Engald

  33. I get loes of eggs but I save my for later and I play my PS2 games all the time and I'm a expot at games. Kingdom hearts is my favourite one.
    Nicole St Luke's School Engald

  34. my favorite is makaroonilaatikko (macaroni with minced meat in oven)

    joel porvoo finland

  35. Hi I'm Carmen from Asuncion Rincon school in Madrid (Spain).
    My favourite foods in school are rice and meatboll.It's delicius!

  36. Hi my name is Diego from Ansunción Rincón in Madid (Spain).
    My favourite foods in the school are salad and
    caneloni.It's delicius!