Friday, 13 March 2009


Today in the UK it is RED NOSE DAY. This is a charity money raising day. All monies collected are used to support disadvantaged people in a variety of projects in the UK and across the world.

Click here for the RED NOSE WEBSITE

In our school today all children (and staff) have to wear something RED. Look at one group of children and staff in the picture.

They pay a pound to go to the Charity. We are also selling cakes and biscuits decorated in RED colouring. See the RED nose biscuit above.

The message this year is "Do something funny for money" Mr Warwick on the left dyed his hair red !! I think !! Funny ?

Do you have special 'funny' days in your school ? Tell us ?


  1. Great! Here in Scotland, we did the same thing. I think Mr Warwick went the "extra mile" with his hair.

  2. The amount raised by our school was £105. Thats about 190 Euro. Which for a small school like ours is really good.

    Across the UK some £59million pounds has been raised. That means lots of disadvantaged people across the world will benefit from projects to improve their lives.

    Mr Warwick St Luke's school England

  3. It is a very nice gesture of you! In Romania we've collected money for the children in Maramures who losted their homes in flood last year and they couldn't start the school. And then we bought school bags, books, pencils, all they needed to start the school. A small sum, but they were impressed. We were impressed too!

  4. It was good on red nose day at st.lukes school in England. The teachers went mad and got dressed up. Children dressed up in red or non school uniform. Do you have mad teachers in your school.

    Nodwrath St lukes School. England

  5. Excellent red nose day EVER!!!!! I think Mr Warwick dyed his hair red is very funny and hilarous. Hahahaha. It was a very good time about Red Nose Day. I were very impressed this day.

    Jack Gray - St Luke's School

  6. Luc and Johan - Instituut Bert Carlier -Gent - Belgium19 March 2009 at 20:46

    Wish we had a red nose day in Belgium too!

  7. Related with Charity we have every year “Pirilampo Mágico” that is a little puppet that we can buy to help children with special needs. We usually sell all the puppets, what is really good.

    About other ‘funny’ days we have the “ICT day”, “Biology day”, “Math day” and other. Each school department show something good about the students work, create small workshops, painting or any other idea.
    Miguela Fernandes - Escola Secundária c/ 3º CEB da Batalha, Portugal

  8. We have similar days like you, when we stop our normal timetable and have special curriculum days on a special theme. In acouple of weeks we are having an Environmental Day.

    Would you like to know more about this ?

    Mr W - St Lukes School - England

  9. Hello everyone.

    Just to let you know that at Yester Primary School we raised the amazing total of £244 for Comic Relief and we are happy that we are helping lots of other people to lead better lives.

    Be happy - we are!