Sunday, 22 March 2009

Nancy, France (East)

Hello !
The most famous square of Nancy is called Stanislas square.
Have a look, it's a sunny sunday, today !

And the most famous recipe in our region, la Lorraine, is the quiche lorraine: pastry, bacon, eggs and "creme fraiche", pepper, that's all ! With some salad, mm...



  1. if you click on the word Stanislas you will see a picture of the Square. It looks wonderful.
    What sort of events take place there ?

  2. Strikes ! gardens ! music, dance, it's the main square .. all around there is the Opera, The Town Hall, 2 restaurants, 1 Hotel 4 stars, the tourism office, the Art Museum...and beside the biggest public park called "La Pépinière" so you can meet very different people.
    Isabelle, Boudonville, NAncy, France