Monday, 20 April 2009

Cyprus Easter
Koulouria and Flaounes

Flaounes are the traditional Easter cheese breads we make in Cyprus. Traditionally they are made on Good Thursday and it's not an easy job. The preparations usually start from the previous day .

These cheese breads are made with a very flavorful bread dough and filled with a cheese called "Pafitiko" made during the Easter period for flaounes. However, this can be substituted by a mixture of other Cypriot cheeses such as halloumi or kaskavalli or the Greek cheeses ladotyri Mytilinis, graviera, kefalograviera and some kefalotyri. Kefalotyri is usually very salty, so don't add too much. We usually make more dough than necessary to make some koulouria, which is a very aromatic bread. In many parts of Cyprus they prefer to make them sweet by adding sugar and raisins, which is an excellent combination of salty and sweet.

Greek Easter wishes
Happy Easter * Kaló Páscha
Happy Easter * Kalí Anastási
Christ is risen Christós Anésti
Truly he is risen Alithós Anésti
Easter Wishes Chroniá Pollá
Pascha is the period before Easter Sunday, so you wish "Kalo Pascha" then, especially when the Holy Week starts. You wish "Kali Anastasi" when Easter Sunday is very close, especially after Holy Thursday and Friday. And of course you wish "Christos Anesti" on Easter Sunday when Christ is already risen.


  1. Really interesting. Thankyou for the language lesson too. Greek Easter traditions are very important. Thankyou for sharing these with us. We are looking forward to learning about other traditions acoss Europe. Lets celebrate and understand similarites and differences.

  2. It seems very good... and tasty

  3. You're all most welcome to Cyprus to taste our cuisine.