Sunday, 19 April 2009

Figolli - A Maltese traditional Easter biscuits

The children had a lot of fun baking Easter figolli. Figolli are traditionally baked at Easter time and given as presents to children. Thanks to two wonderful parents who came to our kindergarten to give a helping hand.


  1. I just love your video !!! The children looked as if they had a great time learning by DOING. Fantastic teaching and learning.

  2. Very nice video...........Fantastic work .......Greetings from Cyprus

  3. Thanks a lot for the video. I also think it´s important to involve parents in theis kind of project. I will ask to one of my students to see if they want to try make your receipe.

  4. WOW... Well done. A wonderful video.

    Cookittasteitictit following from Crete

  5. I liked your video and the food you cooked looks good

    By Nicole St Luke's School England

  6. Hello to the teacher and the children! I just love your video and how you shown how to make this recipe with good education and explaining as well. The recipe that you have shown wants me to make it at home so i can share it with my little sisters and my family and tell them about this recipe that you have shared with other people.

    I wish you the special thank you very much!!

    Suna- St luke's school- England

  7. I really likeed your video the music was great
    chris porter st. lukes school

  8. Big tks to Ms Schembri
    From family magro