Monday, 20 April 2009

Parents cook for us...

Last Friday I had a Parents meeting to talk about students evaluation and behaviour, since the class involve in this project is from a special education, like a vocational course for student with 15 to 17 years old.

I ask the collaboration of a mother to cook the typical Easter cake in Portugal, at the begging she was a bit surprise because we past Easter, but them she told me she will try to do it. So, this morning my student bring the cake and we eat it ;-) (it was very good) and my student make the photos and will produce the movie next Wednesday!!

I was very happy with the parents collaboration for the project! And of course we have the parent permission to publish students work!


  1. Well done parents. Thankyou for your involvement. Please post some comments on the other schools posts !! The students enjoy feedback.

  2. hi your cake looks very interesting and is thst an egg in the middle of your cake? Can you send us a recipe for your cake ?
    by chelsea boy - st lukes school england

  3. your cake looks interesting. how did you
    make it?

    Roxanne St. lukes school

  4. It look good, I would like to eat one :)
    Dan ST,Luke's School