Monday, 27 April 2009

Howto ... make sandwiches

Here's a sort of instruction-movie how our students have to make sandwiches.
They make these sandwiches every day and we try to let as many students as possible make them.
So, all of them have to follow the instructions on the movie.


  1. Great video. What sandwiches do the children like best?
    Mr warwick St Lukes school UK

  2. Yum yum .... Make me feel very hungry. Well done.

  3. well made film...will really serve the purpose that is meant for, namely to be a place where they can refer to again and again in a simple, easy to follow manner. good job!!! Diptee

  4. VEry interesting, and I feel hungry now !
    Are there sandwichs shops in your town ? we have more and more, in Nancy, because people want to have something else than hamburgers and chips. Better for health I think !
    It was funny to see them cleaning the kitchen after, and washing the dishes, ...sometimes they forget that ; but we are at school ! Thank you.