Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fruitful Times

Here is a leaflet which has been published by our Local Authority. One of our local schools has made up recipes for healthy girls and healthy boys. What do you think?
A recipe for a healthy girl
Begin with an 11 year old.
Mix in a handful of sugar.
Then a pinch of happiness, cook well.
Fold in 5 fruit and veg a day, add water.
Stir in 8 hours of sleep and a toothbrush.
Finally pour in two pots of Petit Filous a day for strong bones.

A recipe for a healthy boy.
First take 10kg of boy.
Next add a packet of energy.
Now add a pinch of fat.
Boil a heart to make it pump well.
Put five footballs in for 90 minutes then scramble them on a pitch.
Now spread with vitamins.
Season with fruit and veg.
Finally serve with friends and a smile.

(Thank you to Musselburgh Burgh School for this great idea!)


  1. Aww! Awsome! I wish I show you my recipes. They are soooo radical!

  2. Kevin Davidson Jr.21 April 2009 at 14:31

    Too excellent too be TRUE! Wait until I'll tell my son Scott!

  3. Too funny to be TRUE! Wait until I will show you my recipes. Great work.

    Jack Gray (St Lukes School - England)

  4. all your recipes look nice and tasty. what did you do for your easter holidays ?

    by b.i.g st lukes school england

  5. is your school look big outside what games do you do outside football tennis ?

    by b.i.g st.lukes school

  6. Hi there! Do you have a reciepe for this?

    Suna - St luke's school England