Monday, 27 April 2009

Pasg Hapus

Fianna, Barker's Lane School, Wales
This is my video of reception class. Jake was finishing his Easter card on the front it says Pasg Hapus. This is Happy Easter in Welsh. Lucky reception had just been on an Easter hunt that is why he was still wearing his Easter hat. Hope you like it.


  1. Hi there i love you Easter hat and you Easter card too! I wish you a very happy easter! ( Even tho it was finished by now) i wish you the best!
    Suna - St. Luke's School England.

  2. Jakes Easter card looks nice and the hat.

    By Nicole St Luke's School England

  3. Jake nice card you made. It was very,very, very nice and hat looks nice too. And by the way I liked your school and your reception class too. Thank you very much and goodbye. I will see you soon ok.

  4. Jake nice card . I think it was very, very, very nice card you got here and nice hat here too. Oh and by the way I liked your school and the reception class it was very cool. Thank you very much to see you here. I will see you soon ok. Bye.

    Jack Gray - St Lukes School England

  5. I like your easter hat and card it realy nice and wanderful

    Rhonwen St Luke's School England

  6. NIce hat and lovely card !BUt what it means PAsg HApus ?