Monday, 20 April 2009

Torill, Kristine and Malin have made a short video of Hemne Videregående Skole.


  1. The Video is really interesting. Some ideas for development! Have you thought about some voice over to describe the video shots or some background music ?

  2. I really like your video but not to seem rude but the way you were holding the video camera was a bit dodgy and wavy. What you could have inproved is: hold the camera slowly step by step as a practice then do it as a video to add on to the website. And if there was no voice sound you can put subtitles instead. Think about the way you done it if you like it post it online.
    But your school looks good!

    Suna - ( St. Luke's School England).

  3. Tell us what the classrooms are. WELL you USE camera keep it still .and school is nice .
    Joseph from england

  4. Tell us what are your doing. What are your favourite subjects ?

    St.lukes school. Steven Wilkins

  5. your school looks good and big. is it nesr an airport because I heard aeroplanes?
    Bradley St. Lukes School

  6. the school looks very modern and it would be nice to have subtitles or voice to let us know what the rooms are.
    by nodwrath st.luke school in england

  7. Very interesting video of your school
    Matthew - st lukes school

  8. Your video was good but very fast.

    Roland, St Luke's School